Project Consultation

Are you thinking about restoring your pride and joy, building your dream hot rod or replicacar, or have you started and are looking for advice on how to proceed? With over 30 years in project management Visions In Vehicles can help.

  • We can help evaluate and plan a strategy that will keep the process fun and enjoyable plus keep the budget in check.
  • We are able to audit your bills to make sure you are being charged correctly and the processes are being done to meet your goals.
  • We can assist in research with the project and verify the work being done properly.


Valuation/Prepurchase Services

Being a certified appraiser for 15 years we are able to provide you with a value for a variety of purposes.

Found your dream car online or just across the country? Visions In Vehicles can view the vehicle to:

  • Make sure it exists
  • Verify the owner selling it
  • Take the photos to show the bad side (if any)
  • Do a precursory verification of numbers and originality. (We can bring in marque experts after this inspection if warranted.)

Private Collection Curation

Have you acquired your dream cars and now want to grow your collection, but unsure of the direction? Visions In Vehicles can help guide your collection to an enjoyable assembly of fine machinery and accessories. Whether it is your next car purchase or just keeping your collection dusted, detailed and running, we are able to create a template that keeps your hobby exciting.

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Event Services

Is a special vehicle or artifact needed for your event? Does your organization need help in planning and organizing a show or concourse? Visions In Vehicles is the place to start.

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