John with the Lotus 95T once driven by Elio De Angelis

John L. Viviani II

Founder and President of Visions in Vehicles, LLC

Mr.Viviani has served in every level of the automobile hobby from simple oil changes, to new car dealership sales, to managing, researching, and restoring some of the rarest and most expensive vehicles in the world. After seeing too many people lose their passion for automobiles by not knowing where to turn for helpful advice, being misled by unscrupulous shops, or just dealing with the troubles a collector car can cause, he created Visions In Vehicles to help guide you.

Over 25 years of experience in the collector car business. Having started in this hobby building custom cars and trucks in his driveway, Mr. Viviani went on to pursue new car sales after ethic concerns led John to leave the dealership behind he soon entered college as a non-traditional student to study Modern Automobile Technology. He worked in a tire shop and a gas station service center (That actually had service bays!) to help pay for college. Upon graduating Viviani enrolled in the prestigious Automotive Restoration program at McPherson College earning him a second degree. When attending McPherson, Viviani worked in a local restoration shop to further his knowledge and provide for his family. While at McPherson he helped start the now famous CARS Club car show and helped develop the McPherson intern program, himself interning with the Barret-Jackson Auction company. After graduation, in 2000, he took a job with the oldest restoration shop in the country and while there managed restorations on some the rarest cars in the world. Leaving that job to enter the world of historical conservation, learning proper preservation techniques, John served as studio foreman for a historical preservation company in Washington DC. This exposed him to many opportunities including working with a Saturn V Rocket and artifacts recovered from both the Titanic and Carpathia. Never leaving cars behind Viviani became a certified automobile appraiser as a side hustle. Mr. Viviani eventually moved on to a motorsports museum assuming the role of a master automobile restorer and parts manager. He left that position to devote himself full time to Visions In Vehicles.

Degree In Modern Automotive Technologies 

Degree In Antique Automobile Restoration


Contributing Writer-

ReMarque Magazine (Winston Award Winner)

Historic Lotus

VIN Magazine

Viviani has served as Judge and Chief Judge for various events and organizations including Carlisle Events and Lotus Limited.

Restorations include

Cunningham C3

Packard Cloverleaf Roadster

Lotus Mark X-Bristol

Chrysler 300C Convertible

Lotus 17-Climax

Maxwell Q2

Lotus Mark VIII-XPAG

Ford Model T and Model A

Lotus 27


Lotus 7-Robertson 1977 Championship

Lotus X180R-Former Paul Newman/Doc Bundy

John has restored or been involved with cars that have participated numerous concour & events including but not limited to Pebble Beach, Meadowbrook (now known as The Concours d'Elegance of America), Keeneland, Greenwich, Goodwood, Hilton Head, Amelia Island, Bloomington Gold, Indianapolis, Carlisle.

Some of the Restoration Techniques personally known and used-

Plating (chrome, copper, cad, zinc and the various application processes), 3D printing, CNC machining, Welding (MIG, TIG and Gas), all aspects of metal shaping (English Wheel, rollers, plenishing hammer, PullMax, shot bag, etc), upholstery, engine rebuilding, casting, mold making, EDM, plasma cutting, waterjet, laser engraving, various paint processes

While not a  master at any one technique the diverse knowledge allows John to know what procedures are correct, how they will affect the final project and possible hurdles that may be encountered.

Combined with a working knowledge of all automotive systems a proper plan can be laid out with the restorer or builder to make sure work is done properly, correctly, and remain cost effective.

Next Steps...

You can find John discussing his automotive knowledge on TV Programs such as Motorweek, or various Youtube and podcast appearances. Plus you can always find him on his podcast No Driving Gloves, discussing every aspect of the collector car hobby.