John Viviani, Owner of Visions In Vehicles; Derek Moore, Museum Curator; and Hot Rod Builder, Will Posey sit down each week to discuss the collector car hobby. Having backgrounds in restoration, conservation, street rods, and automotive history, who knows where the conversation will go.

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  • Wisconsin Highway Patrol 97 July 12, 2019
    The Wisconsin Highway Patrol is back in the news for ticketing a 32 Ford for having modifications. This is a great example of how we as car hobbyists need to stay on top of what is happening to preserve our hobby. John and Will discuss the situation, why it is important, and what can be […]
  • Iaccoca and Icons 96 July 8, 2019
    With the passing of Lee Iaccoca- Derek and John bump up their discussion of automotive icons. They cover the last 130 years of Icons to the American Automotive Manufacturing Industry. How they impacted the industry, design and our lives. 
  • Flashback! July 1, 2019
    It is a holiday week at NDG, but we didn't want to leave you without an episode! We are going back in time to Episode 2 Electrifying Car Talk. We talk about electric cars and Tesla. We will be revisiting this topic within the next few weeks and a refresher is good for everyone. So […]
  • Museum Good? Collector Bad? 95 June 25, 2019
    After a video was posted on the internet about how museums are bad, No Driving Gloves takes a look from the other side. Maybe the tables should be turned? Maybe not? You tell us.
  • The Hollywood Cars 93 June 16, 2019
    We somehow missed our topic this week and strayed off on movie and TV cars. Who has the best history for TV cars? What was the most exciting must see car movie? Well we didn’t really answer those questions but provided food for thought.
  • The Dumbest Things 93 June 10, 2019
    In 70+ year of collectors cars, we have heard some stupid things. While this isn't a complete list, we do bring up some of the dumbest and oddest things we have seen or heard in the industry. We also start our countdown to episode 100 with a special announcement in this episode!
  • We Try Wrap 92 June 3, 2019
    Will's wrap up of McPherson Car Show, then we talk wrap and paint.
  • Today's Kids and Cars 91 May 28, 2019
    Are today's children growing up to be "Car People"? Derek and John feel there is hope. Find out why they this way. Derek gets a new "toy".
  • Auto Shows 89 May 2, 2019
    Having attended their respective local new car Auto Shows John and Derek discuss some the great things they provide. Of course, they also hit on a few complaints about the shows and maybe a few of the manufactures shortcomings.
  • McPherson College 90 April 30, 2019
    McPherson College is talked about often on No Driving Gloves as it is John and Will's alma mater. The first weekend in May the school hosts a car show presented by the Restoration Students.  They take this opportunity to discuss their time at the college and how McPherson has led them to the lives they […]